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Data Chain

Converting Raw satellite data to Analysis Ready Data (ARD)

Across Optical, Thermal (IR), Hyperspectral, Radar

Reduction of 60% in-house cost for Upstream Data Pipeline

Contract for SaaS solution or as a transferable SW IP.

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SatCom Forecasting for Unconnected Population

Geospatial ML Prediction

River Health Analysis

Flood and Disaster Prediction

Predictive Maintenance for Utilities

Infra Monitoring and Risk

DefSpace Value Chain & Risk Reports

Satellite Manufacturers and Components Value Chain

Launch Vehicle Providers and Components Value Chain

Image Processing Stack and relevant Gaps/Opportunities

Downstream Geospatial ML applications and Opportunities

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R&D Solutions

Reach to us for your unique bespoke R&D needs

Imagery based Navigation

Anti-infiltration Systems

Strategic/Stealth Object Detection

Affluence Index

(Location Intelligence via Satellite)

Mapping of all telecom towers, population and terrain (as of 2022)

Deduction of under-connected and unconnected population within a 500m to 2000m accuracy

Use of latest image processing techniques, big data analysis as well as Machine-Learning algorithms to further refine the data.

Use of Google/Here/Apple Maps API to then identify businesses from individual homes.

Use of Affluence index implementation to index the extent of purchasing power from a scale of 1-5. 

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